Gala Match 2008


The Ashe Park pitch was relaunched on 6th September 2008 with a match against “Norfolk” in 1840s gear. Julia Keeling awarded the 'Campsea Ashes' (above) to the victorious “Suffolk” team. The fete on the boundary rope organised by the village raised over £1,000 for Campsea Ashe village hall. The pitch was blessed by the Rector, and Richard Keeling was given a ceremonial scroll of thanks. A boys match was also great hit.

To see a PDF of the collage above please click here.

For the full match report see the 2008 Season Page.

The East Anglian covered the event in great detail, giving us lots of coverage before and after the match including a front cover.  Please click on the pics below for PDFs of the articles in full.



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