History of the pitch

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19th Century.   Ashe Park in Campsea Ashe in Suffolk has had a cricket pitch since the 1840s when it hosted very early I Zingari teams from London and was watched by crowds of 2,000. 


20th Century.   Campsea Ashe Park Cricket Club was a thriving local club team which played at Ashe Park until it stopped using the pitch in 1956.

  The pitch in 2007.

2006 onwards.  The Wanderers started in 2006 as an occasional team playing around Woodbridge.  In 2007 Richard Keeling the owner of Ashe Park started to restore his pitch (bringing in help from his neighbour James Morford, but otherwise doing most of the work on his own) and he invited the Wanderers to use it. 

  EADT 8/9/08

Gala Match 2008.   The formal inauguration and blessing by the Rector of the restored pitch on 6th September 2008 saw a combined village fete and Gala match against "Norfolk" playing for the 'Campsea Ashes', pictured below.  And so the tradition of cricket at Ashe Park lives on. 


In memory of Richard Rackham, a player for the club in the 1950s, pictured above watching the Gala match (closest to camera), who died at Wickham Market in March 2009.