2008 Season

Played 6 Won 3 Tied 1

Vs Queens House Saxmundham June 17th Won
Vs Brandeston Brandeston July 10th Rained Off
vs Woodbridge Wombats Woodbridge July 15th Lost
All ages Ashe Park July 27th N/a                                                                             Sudbourne August 12th Lost
Vs Brandeston Brandeston August 14th Rained Off
Vs Brandeston Brandeston August 16th Tie
vs Woodbridge Wombats Ashe Park August 30th Won
Youth Match Ashe Park September 6th N/a
Gala Match Ashe Park September 6th Won

First game won in style                                                                                                 -------------------------
The first game of the season vs Queens House Parents on June 17th was a stonking win for Campsea Ashe, captained with style and ruthless efficiency by John Leefe. The CAW bowling attack was lethal, and the poor chaps from Queens House (captains M Spence and R Bertram) couldn't really cope, rattled out for 85. There was more in reserve - the top bowling of both Leefe and Westmacott was not even used. New faces Neil Gilbert and Charlie Loyd were outstanding, but all the other CAW bowlers did the business. The captain's field placing was so effective that all catches went straight to men. CAW batting was also excellent stuff, with Peter Minta securing man of the match award with an unbeaten 30 which broke the back of brave Queen's House resistance - winning run secured in the penultimate over.

July 15th Wombats game lost
After the disappointment of the cancellation of our first Brandeston game earlier in the month, we had high hopes for continuing a winning season in our midweek July 15th outing. But the plucky Woodbridge Wombats beat us for the THIRD year running by 18 runs on the Woodbridge main pitch on a sunny evening. We put them in to bat, and there were some stirling bowling efforts by Russell Stowe and, pick of the bunch, newcomer Scott Hunt. Also a great over from another newcomer, Robby Bullough (12), who was called up at the last minute. But our fielding! Truly ghastly - nothing went right, overthrows, dropped catches, byes, full tosses, wides... you name it, we bungled it.

Set a target of 132 in 15 8-ball overs, we lost three wickets in the first over. Oh lordy. Thank goodness for the rest of the batsmen, particularly Scott Hunt (that man again), and two teenagers - Oliver Fox and Robbie Bullough, who yanked us up to 118. For real courage, huge energy and general outstanding play, and for setting the standard we should all aim for, Robbie Bullough gets our Man of the match award. Team was: Richard Bertram, Magnus Spence, Tim Pritchard-Barrett, Cuillean McCausland, Jonathan Fox, Russell Stowe, Peter Minta, Scott Hunt , Oliver Fox, Robbie Bullough, Hamish Bullough.

The Wombats, drunk from their string of victories, have challenged us to a rematch in August - see below. We CANNOT lose that one, surely?

First game at Ashe Park 
The ALL AGES SPECTACULAR on Sunday July 27th was a huge success. Our new pitch was christened in glorious sunshine. Families, spread out with their lavish picnics crowded the boundary, young and old puffed and panted out on the square, dogs ran around the pavilion, and our patrons Richard and Julia Keeling seemed very happy with the pastoral idyll they have created. From a distance the wicket and outfield look great, although on close inspection one could see that we are some way from a proper surface. But it worked - the bounce was a little variable, but not dangerously so. Well, as long as we don't bowl too fast.

In the match (between 'The All Stars' and 'The West Indies' - names selected by the 7 year olds), the Windies scored only 105 in their 20 overs, thanks to strong bowling from Jack Bradshaw, George Loyd (9) and Chris Bowen (9 squared). There were epic knocks from Charlie Loyd and Aidan Lisser (who opened with plucky son Jack - 7), and a fabulous 5 from Kit McCausland (also 7). Could this be defended? The tension was mounting, although all were able to disguise this by loafing on their picnic rugs, chatting and comparing chicken legs during the long lunch interval.

For the Windies, stirling bowling from the McCauslands (father and son), Callum Askins, and Alex Darrington, among others played its part, as did robust captaincy from Dominic Askins, including a great field placed to catch out his father. There were strong All Stars knocks from Jack Bradshaw, Chris Bowen and a brave last minute burst from Harry Goodchild, but it was not quite enough - the All Stars were seen off for 95.

Starting at 10am (a great innovation, we think), we were heading for home by 2. Playing were: Magnus Spence, Ben Spence, Richard Bertram, Laurie Bertram, Poppy Bertram, Cuillean McCausland, Kit McCausland, Stephen Askins, Callum Askins, Dominic Askins, Jonathan Ball, Harry Goodchild, Steve Darrington, Alex Darrington, Simon Bradshaw, Jack Bradshaw, Charles Loyd, George Loyd, Aidan Lisser, Jack Lisser, Chris Bowen, Carl Silovsky, Christopher Silovsky.

Man (or yuf) of the match has been awarded jointly, to Jack Bradshaw and Kit McCausland, two yuf with huge cricket futures. The Wanderers is and will continue to be primarily a team for old dogs, but it is nice to see that the average age of our MOTM in the past two games is 12.

Pipped by a better side at Sudbourne on August 12th
It was no great dishonour to lose to a side that contained several of the first team (and some juniors) at Sudbourne, given how well their season is going this year. Since we were expecting to meet 'Harry Goodchild's XI', this came as something of a surprise, albeit a pleasant one!

We were put in to bat and able to muster only 80-odd on a pitch where the boundary on one side was visible only with binoculars, and on the other was within reach of a long arm. No great batting prowess shown, although stout resitance was at the death shown by the tail. Well done Oliver Fox and Rob Westmacott in particular.

We showed we can bowl with some tight overs, and they only reached their total in the 19th out of 20 overs - with a bit of luck and 20 more runs we might have made more of a game of it. Good bowling from Scott Hunt in particular, but great efforts also from Steve Askins and Rob Westmacott, who earns the man of the match award for his industry.

Team was : Stephen Askins, Robert Westmacott, Ben Askins, Tim Pritchard-Barrett, Magnus Spence, Richard Bertram, Steve Darrington, David Harwood Little, Jonathan Fox, Scott Hunt , Oliver Fox

Aug 16th - Tie with Brandeston
Aftre two fixtures with needle opponents Brandeston were rained off, the whole series came down to this vital game.

Cuillean, captain, writes: A great game ending in a tie 116 each after 30 overs. We needed 8 off the last over sadly I blew it being stumped off the last ball. However it was by far our best performance of the season that I had seen particularly in the field which was near perfect. Steve askins 2-31, Rob Westmacott 1-9 opened the bowling. Tight middle overs from Scott Hunt 0-9, Robbie Bullough got a wicket for not many, Ben Askins 0-12 and myself at the end 2-15. Blinding fielding by all but a special mention to Robbie Bullough

Not an easy wicket to bat on but Will Regis (13) and Ben Askins (12) put on a steady start seeing off the speedy opening bowler. Scott Hunt star of the day with bat 36 not out while the middle order collapsed around him. Tea taken at 59-6 soon to be 8 down but the tail wagged with Steve Askins 22, myself 15 and returning Scott Hunt 36* after his earlier enforced retirement.

Champagne moments: Will Regis cover drive off the speedy Topley jnr (turning out for the south of England today at Loughborough). Chris Butlers boundary catch. But man of the match was Scott Hunt, who has also been close to this title in several previous games.

Team was : Robbie Bullough, Stephen Askins, Robert Westmacott, Jonathan Fox, David Harwood Little, Ben Askins, Scott Hunt , Oliver Fox, Russell Stowe, Cuillean McCausland, Hamish Bullough, Chris Butler, Tim Pritchard-Barrett and Will Regis

At last victory over Wombats - Aug 30th
Our second game on the home turf, this time where the result really mattered. The Wombats had beaten us three games running, and we were due for a big victory. Which we promptly delivered - oh yes... Put in to bat in this 30 over game, we scored 160 and rattled them out for 128.

Our total was helped by a solid start from Max Darrington (11) and Ben Askins, ably supported by sharp innings from the rest of the order, notably Tim Pritchard-Barrett and John Leefe, who incidentally made the pitch look like Lords - well sort of, with striped mowing and all - thanks John. But the real powerhouse of the innings was a stonking 35 n.o. from Cuillean.

It was a good total, but after a leisurely break for lunch we still needed to bowl and field well, and boy did we do just this. Everyone a champ, from the openers (Stephen Askins and Robert Westmacott) through to the wrist men (notably Harry Goodchild). Top bowler was Dominic Askins (11) who thundered down to the wicket with lethal accuracy, and deserved his 4-wicket haul which included a hat-trick ball, and the scalp of the captain of his school 1st XI (how good must that have felt!) - well done Callum. Fielding, which has been poor earlier this season, was top, with (virtually) all catches going to hand and no overthrows. Yee-hah.

So honours shared for MOTM between Callum and Cuillean. A great day in the sun, on our own pitch, with a huge win. Does life get much better than this?

Team was: Stephen Askins, Robert Westmacott, Ben Askins, Cuillean McCausland, Tim Pritchard-Barrett, Magnus Spence, Richard Bertram, Harry Goodchild, John Leefe, Dominic Askins, Max Darrington, Steve Darrington.

6th September Gala match a monster success
The rain couldn't stop us. "Norfolk" couldn't stop us. Even our ridiculous clothes couldn't stop us. The final fling of the season was a huge success, with a 64 run win over our brave opponents from the north to help the Rector christen Richard Keeling's new pitch - our new home ground - with a gala match and fete to remember.

In truth most of the 'Norfolk' team was made up of Wanderers who were (largely without complaint) volunteered to the yellow cause, after the severe threat of rain reduced real Norfolk numbers. The Wanderer "Suffolk" team swept to 152 in just under our allotted 25 overs, with a foundation set from the start by solid innings from both openers Rob Westmacott (28) and John Leefe (a cracking 30, then retired), backed by cameos of some significance from Charlie Loyd (16 - 6.6.4), and Neil Gilbert (21 n.o. at the death), and double figures also from Peter Minta and Steve Darrington. "Norfolk" replied by rattling 14 off the first two overs (well done Oliver Fox!) but could not keep up the pace, and dried up at 98 all out in the 23rd over.

The truth that has emerged this season is that the Wanderer bowling attack (when it fires on all cylinders like it did in this game) is rip-snortingly good. All 7 bowlers we used were naggingly accurate, and nabbed at least one wicket, and we did not even use all our bowlers. There is just nowhere for the opposition to hide when we all turn up like this. Silly hats off in particular to Charlie Loyd (2 key wickets from the three of the most cultivated overs we may have seen all season), and Tim Pritchard-Barrett (2 of their tail swept up with great efficiency).

And our fielding was epic, with (most) catches going to hand - the pick of the bunch being Neil Gilbert's nonchalent catch above his head in the covers. And we secured a run out (devlish work from Harry Goodchild), to accompany a near bye-free performance behind the stumps from Richard Bertram, who then, with great panache, took delivery of the Campsea Ashes in a presentation by Julia Keeling after the match.

Man of the match award goes to John Leefe for his great innings. There is some symmetry here, because it was thanks to John's epic Groundsman efforts that the batting surface was even playable, let alone so playable, as his innings helped to prove. Nice too that the East Anglian featured our batting and groundsman hero in their photo the following Monday (see cutting attached in case you missed it). There is an honourable mention also to Neil Gilbert for his all round excellence. Costume of the day award goes to Tim Pritchard-Barrett (top hat and tails - what about that).

Wanderers who played (either in blue or yellow): Magnus Spence, Richard Bertram, Robert Westmacott, Tim Pritchard-Barrett, Jonathan Fox, David Harwood Little, Steve Darrington, Oliver Fox, Harry Goodchild, Charles Loyd, John Leefe, Peter Minta, Neil Gilbert, Andrew Cadman, Johnny Ball, Stephen and Ben Askins and special guest James Lightfoot, See the photos of this day on next page

2008 Dinner and Awards                                                                                          ----------------------------
13 of us enjoyed an annual dinner prepared by Jess Leefe in Richard's perfect barn on November 22nd. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and toasts were raised to those of you unable to be with us. We were joined for drinks by El Presidente Richard Keeling. No crockery was broken.

The Special Bottle award went to John Leefe for having done such a huge job on our new pitch. We had been given the foundations by Richard Keeling, but John, through long hours of toil, got the pitch to actually resemble a wicket. Not half.

The Coffee Cup award for special wotnot was given to Steve Darrington for the epic support to the team he and all of his family, not just Alex and Max, but wife, parents in law, and so on, always arriving with groaning picnics.

Yuff award was given to Hamish Bullough (no Yuff were present sadly) who was singled out for his ability but also for his huge enthusiasm, which had certainly inspired a few old bones to go that extra yard. (Ben Askins was given a special mention, and is now duly deemed to be an adult).

Bat of the Season was given to Rob Westmacott for several innings, but in particular in the key match against 'Norfolk'. And for appearing in the East Anglian the following day. (John Leefe was mentioned in dispatches on both counts)

Bowl of the season went to Charlie Loyd for several spells, but in particular for his critical and mighty overs against 'Norfolk' which really nailed the victory.

Player of the season went to Cuillean McCausland, who turned up when it mattered, always bowling with fizz and putting in stonking innings against Wombats and Brandeston, and for leading the team so well in that game - the nailbiter of the season (tie on last ball).

Note that by tradition awards can only be given to those at the dinner itself, so some massive contributions with bat and ball had to be discounted.

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