Welcome to Ashe Park Wanderers Cricket Club

Formed in 2006, we play a dozen games each season against local and touring sides.

EADT 4/9/08

In 2008 we were offered use of the newly restored pitch at Ashe Park in Campsea Ashe in east Suffolk.  We are now enjoying hosting home games at this beautiful spot which was first used as a cricket pitch in 1845.

This site gives our noticeboard, fixtures, match reports, and a history of the pitch.

Please contact us for more details if you are interested in playing, helping, or watching.

Below is the monster trophy donated by the club president, given to the club's best performer each year in honour of our fondly remembered late friend Jonnie Veale. 


                                           The Jonnie Veale Award

                                             Holder: Richard Keeling


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